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Children Collide - 'Theory of Everything'

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Melbourne based trio Children Collide (CC) recently launched their second album ‘Theory of Everything’ to rave reviews and hungry fans across the nation.

Currently in the middle of a national tour, CC is packing the venues as audiences scramble to hear the most anticipated release of 2010.

Since the success of their debut album ‘The Long Now’ (TLN) in 2008, CC have spent their life on the road touring and building a reputation as one of Australia’s premier live bands.

Drummer Ryan Caesar joined the band in 2007 – just in time to put his stamp on the highly successful ‘The Long Now’. Employing the services of ‘super’ producer Dave Sardy (Jay Z, Jet, Nine Inch Nails), TLN instantly earned the band credibility as a formidable force in the commercial music market. Now with the successful release of ‘Theory of Everything’, Ryan and the band are set to reach new heights of success both locally and internationally.

Ryan has brought to the trio a power and consistency that drives the band’s live presence. His discipline and restraint is dressed with finese - asign of maturity and an asset to the music.

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